Soulfulness Life Poetry

A Tribute to the Animal Kingdom

11.11.18 by Anya

The purest love, I ever met

Is sweet and furry and sleeps in my bed.

Purring a sound that heals all haste

Saying that time ‘not being present’ is a waste.

The highest flight I‘ve ever seen

Is an eagle in the sky with its marvelous scream.

Sending a message from above

That nothing else matters than pure love.

The happiest creature I met to play

Is a tail-wagging dog, a little stray.

It radiates joy from ears to paws

Lets me forget my various flaws.

The little white rabbit jumping high

Makes children’s laughter reach the sky,

Same as the birds singing from trees

As sweet as honey gifted by bees.

The elephant in its splendor

Shows me that greatness is loving and tender.

The whales in the oceans deep

Remind me it’s time for an energy-leap.

The animal kingdom holds the space

For joy and presence and loving grace.

I can only be thankful from all my heart

Its contribution to existence is a life-saving part.

Unconditional love so clear and true

Comes from the animal world to me and you

Still the purest love I ever met

Is sweet and furry and it’s my cat.

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